1895 RACES

1 06-11 FRAJParis-Bordeaux-Paris
  1-Émile Levassor, 2-Louis Rigoulot, 3-A Koechlin, 4-Doriot, 5-Thum, 6-Émile Mayade, 7-Boulanger, 8-E. Roger, 9-Amédée Bollée
  6/11-6/13; 1178 km.; 22 starters/9 finishers; mass start; Only 4-seater cars were eligible, Levassor & Rigoulot drove 2-seater cars, thus Koechlin was true winner.
2 05-18 ITAPIETorino-Asti-Torino
  1-Simone Federmann, 2-Gianbattista Ceirano (cycle)
  93 km.; 5 starters
3 11-28 USAILChicago-Evanston-ChicagoChicago Times-Herald Motocar Contest
  1-J. Frank Duryea, 2-Oscar Mueller, 3-Jerry O' Connor (dnf)
  6 starters/2 finishers (both finishers disqualified); interval start; America's first official auto race; race shortened due to snow
4 11-02 USAILChicago-Waukegan-ChicagoChicago Times-Herald Expo Run
  1-Oscar Mueller, 2-J. Frank Duryea (dnf)
  2 starters/1 finisher; scheduled to be America's first official auto race, but changed to expo run after only 2 cars were ready.