Twin City Motor Speedway

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Fort Snellingnr. MinneapolisMinnesotaUSA
later site of Wold-Chamberlain Airfield (1923), then Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
lat: +44.8909 lng: -93.2420

Twin City Motor Speedway 11268 b
aka: Concrete Speedway
2 mi.  concrete ovalr9/4/1915-7/14/17 defunct
circular track

Twin City Motor Speedway 11268 a

2 mi.  dirt ovalr10/24/1914 defunct
circular track



Twin City Motor Speedway
1 1914-10-24 track 'a' AAA Champ
1-Tom Alley, 2-Ralph Mulford, 3-Eddie O'Donnell, 4-Ralph DePalma
100 laps; 7 starters/4 finishers
Twin City Motor Speedway
2 1915-09-04 track 'b' AAA Champ, 300 ci max. Twin City Sweepstakes
1-Earl Cooper/Johnny Aitken, 2-Gil Anderson/Tom Rooney, 3-Eddie O'Donnell, 4-Tom Alley, 5-Ora Haibe, 6-Willie Haupt / Pete Henderson
250 laps; 14 starters/8 finishers; $20,000. to win
Twin City Motor Speedway
3 1916-07-04 track 'b' AAA National Champ Twin City Sweepstakes
1-Ralph DePalma, 2-Johnny Aitken, 3-Josef Christiæns, 4-Tommy Milton, 5-Eddie O'Donnell, 6-Mel Sorenson
75 laps; 14 starters/9 finishers
Twin City Motor Speedway
4 1917-07-14 track 'b' AAA
1-Reeves Dutton
25 laps
Twin City Motor Speedway
5 1917-07-14 track 'b' AAA Champ Twin City Sweepstakes
1-Ira Vail, 2-Dave Lewis, 3-Earl Cooper, 4-Roscoe Sarles, 5-Ralph Mulford, 6-Billy Taylor
50 laps; 15 starters/10 finishers
Twin City Motor Speedway
6 1917-07-14 track 'b' AAA Champ, 300 ci max.
1-Earl Cooper, 2-Ralph Mulford, 3-Ira Vail, 4-Billy Taylor, 5-Pete Henderson
25 laps; 11 starters/5 finishers