Kansas City Speedway

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Kansas City
at 95th St+Holmes Rd, S of city
later site of Pratt & Whitney aircraft engine plant during WWII; then site of Bendix Corporation factory

Kansas City Speedway 13439 a
aka: Million Dollar Speedway
1.25 mi.  wood ovalr9/17/1922-7/4/24 defunct
35 degree banked turns; AAA champ



Kansas City Speedway
1 1922-09-17 track 'a' AAA National Champ
1-Tommy Milton, 2-Harry Hartz, 3-Frank Elliott, 4-Ralph Mulford, 5-Jerry Wonderlich, 6-Bennett Hill
240 laps; 15 starters/7 finishers; fatal: Roscoe Sarles
Kansas City Speedway
2 1923-07-04 track 'a' AAA National Champ
1-Eddie Hearne, 2-Earl Cooper, 3-Harlan Fengler, 4-Dave Lewis, 5-Frank Elliott
200 laps; 12 starters/5 finishers
Kansas City Speedway
3 1923-10-21 track 'a' AAA National Champ
1-Harlan Fengler, 2-Eddie Hearne, 3-Jimmy Murphy, 4-Jerry Wonderlich/Harry Hartz, 5-Bennett Hill, 6-Dave Lewis
200 laps; 14 starters/9 finishers
Kansas City Speedway
4 1924-07-04 track 'a' AAA National Champ
1-Jimmy Murphy, 2-Tommy Milton, 3-Bennett Hill, 4-Harlan Fengler, 5-Earl Cooper, 6-Harry Hartz
120 laps; 16 starters/12 finishers