Greater Cumberland Raceway

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Potomac Parknr. CumberlandMarylandUSA
at the Allegany County Fairgrounds, S of I-68 on US 220 then E on Moss Ave
lat: +39.6086 lng: -78.7978

Greater Cumberland Raceway 36503 a
aka: Cumberland Speedway, The Rock-Allegany County Speedway, The Rock, Allegany County Speedway, Cumberland Fairgrounds
.525 mi.  dirt ovalrc1924-c40, 66-83, 91-2013, 19, s20 active


1982 Cumberland Speedway Limited Late Model
Final Standings:1-Dave Spencer, 2-Stanley Shaffer, 3-Tom Clise, 4-Dan McKinney, 5-Regan Robertson, 6-LJ Dennis, 7-Tom Eriksen, 8-Dave Groves, 9-Roger Watkins, 10-Terry Parkins
1982 Cumberland Speedway Street Stock
Final Standings:1-Dion LaSalle, 2-Mark Leibfried, 3-John Howsare, 4-Dave Crawford, 5-Dale Clark, 6-Jim Brown, 7-Clyde Kennell, 8-Junior Saville, 9-Ross Shaffer, 10-Wayne Joy, 11-Buddy Jones


Cumberland Fairgrounds
1 1926-07-17 track 'a' AAA
1-Mike Hickson
150 laps
Cumberland Fairgrounds
2 1936-00-00 track 'a'
Cumberland Fairgrounds
3 1937-05-09 track 'a' midgets
Cumberland Fairgrounds
4 1938-00-00 track 'a'