Claremont Speedway

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New HampshireUSA
lat: +43.3919 lng: -72.3519

Claremont Speedway 37103 a
aka: Twin State Speedway
.290 mi.  paved ovalr1973-2017, s18 active

Claremont Speedway 37103 d
aka: Twin State Speedway
1/5 mi.  paved figure eightr7/29/2005-06, 7/23/17 active
completely inside oval

Twin State Speedway 37103 c

1/3 mi.  paved figure eightr2004 defunct
used turns of oval

Claremont Speedway 37103 b
aka: Fleury Farm Speedway
1/5 mi.  dirt ovalr10/1947-72 defunct


2015 Claremont Speedway Late Model
Final Standings:1-Bucky Demers, 2-Arthur Heino Jr, 3-Jeremy Zullo
2015 Claremont Speedway Super Street
Final Standings:1-Jack McClay, 2-Craig Smith, 3-John Lavoie


Twin State Speedway
1 2014-00-00 track 'a'
Claremont Speedway
2 2015-04-26 track 'a' GSPSS pro stocks Gate City Classic
1-Derek Griffith, 2-Barry Gray, 3-Mike Parks
Claremont Speedway
3 2015-07-10 track 'a' MRS modifieds Claremont 100
1-Chris Pasteryak, 2-Mike Douglas Jr, 3-Norm Wrenn
100 laps; Todd Szegedy fin 1st but DQ
Claremont Speedway
4 2015-07-17 track 'a' modifieds (open)
1-Nick Boivin, 2-Jim Storace, 3-Josh Cantana
40 laps
Claremont Speedway
5 2015-08-21 track 'a' NEMA midgets
1-Jim Chambers, 2-Seth Carlson, 3-John Zych Jr
25 laps