Lee USA Speedway

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New HampshireUSA
lat: +43.1158 lng: -71.0397

Lee USA Speedway 37106 a

.345 mi.  paved ovalr10/27/1983-2015 active
replaced trioval at same location

Lee Raceway 37106 b
aka: Lee County Raceway
1/3 mi.  paved ovalr1965-83 defunct


1995 Lee USA Speedway Pro Stock
Final Standings:1-Mike Weeden
2015 Lee USA Speedway 4 Cylinder Pure Stock
Final Standings:Jesse Tellier, 2-Robert Carlton, 3-Danielle Evans
2015 Lee USA Speedway Crate Supermodified
Final Standings:1-Tommy Tombarello Jr, 2-Leslie Keyser, 3-Mike Ordway Jr
2015 Lee USA Speedway Hobby Stock
Final Standings:1-Dennis Dumas, 2-Zacary Fraser, 3-David MacDonald
2015 Lee USA Speedway Ironman
Final Standings:1-Troy Washburn, 2-Shane Horvath, 3-Christin Lee DeStefano
2015 Lee USA Speedway Late Model Sportsman
Final Standings:1-Jay Sands, 2-Jimmy Russell, 3-Frankie Eldredge


Lee USA Speedway
1 2014-00-00 track 'a'
Lee USA Speedway
2 2015-04-26 track 'a' ACT USA late models
1-Wayne Helliwell Jr, 2-Brad Babb, 3-Eddie MacDonald
Lee USA Speedway
3 2015-05-17 track 'a' TTOMS modifieds
1-Chris Pasteryak, 2-Todd Annarummo, 3-Woody Pitkat
100 laps
Lee USA Speedway
4 2015-06-19 track 'a' MRS modifieds
1-Chris Pasteryak, 2-Steve Masse, 3-Jon McKennedy
100 laps (2x50)
Lee USA Speedway
5 2015-06-26 track 'a' PASS North late models
1-DJ Shaw, 2-Derek Ranstrom, 3-Jeremy Davis
150 laps
Lee USA Speedway
6 2015-07-17 track 'a' NEMA midgets
1-Avery Stoehr, 2-Randy Cabral, 3-Seth Carlson
Lee USA Speedway
7 2015-07-24 track 'a' GSPSS pro stocks Seacoast 100
1-Jeremy Davis, 2-Derek Griffith, 3-Matt Frahm
100 laps
Lee USA Speedway
8 2015-08-07 track 'a' ISMA supermodifieds Ollie Silva Classic
1-Dave Shullick Jr, 2-Jon McKennedy, 3-Jeff Locke
Lee USA Speedway
9 2015-10-11 track 'a' late model sportsmen
1-Joe Squeglia
Lee USA Speedway
10 2015-10-11 track 'a' late model sportsmen
1-Jeremy Davis
Lee USA Speedway
11 2015-10-11 track 'a' MRS modifieds
1-Les Hinckley III, 2-Woody Pitkat, 3-Mike Willis Jr