Parco del Valentino

/ c = circa (about) / cn = cancelled / E = early / L = late / M = mid / r = ran / s = scheduled to run / z = ran karts, motorcycles, or other motorsport /
along W bank of the Po River
used various layouts in park

Parco del Valentino 76092 e

4.2 km.  paved street circuitr(4/10/1954)-3/27/55 defunct
1954 track layout unknown

Parco del Valentino 76092 d

4.2 km.  paved street circuitr(1949)-4/6/52 defunct
1949-51 track layout unknown

Parco del Valentino 76092 c

4.8 km.  paved street circuitr9/3/1946-9/5/48 defunct
F1 (1948 [Jean-Pierre Wimille]), Voiturette (1946 [Piero Dusio])

Parco del Valentino 76092 b

2.92 km.  paved street circuitr4/18/1937 defunct

Parco del Valentino 76092 a

4.09 km.  paved street circuitr7/7/1935-36 defunct
GP (1935 [Tazio Nuvolari])



Parco del Valentino
1 1936-00-00 track 'a'
Parco del Valentino
2 1946-09-03 track 'c' 1100cc s/c+1500cc u/s voiturettes Coppa Brezzi
1-Piero Dusio, 2-Franco Cortese, 3-Louis Chiron, 4-Ugo Puma/Discoride Lanza, 5-Raymond Sommer, 6-Franco Bertani
30 laps; 22 starters/13 finishers
Parco del Valentino
3 1948-09-05 track 'c' Italian GP
1-Jean-Pierre Wimille, 2-Luigi Villoresi, 3-Raymond Sommer, 4-Alberto Ascari, 5-Reg Parnell, 6-Louis Rosier
75 laps
Parco del Valentino
4 1952-04-06 track 'd' Formula One Valentino GP
1-Luigi Villoresi
Parco del Valentino
5 1955-03-27 track 'e' Formula One Valentino GP
1-Alberto Ascari